Vocalist of Chthonic’s Dayjob Is Taiwanese Legislator – Don’t Mess With Him :-)

Yo…by now you should know how much we love Freddy – vocalist of Taiwanese band Chthonic. You should also know that he’s one of those metal musicians that went from simply singing about politics, to actually joining the political process as a legislator to impact real change.

As a legislator, he has continued to fight for Taiwan yet at the same time keeps working in Chthonic and has even recently launched an English-language Taiwanese podcast Metalhead Politics. Click here for the most recent episode.

Today – we don’t have any real news to share about him except for this AWESOME photo of another legislator trying to literally steal a vote out of his pocket. His facial reaction in the photo is all you need to know about how much he cares about what he does and why you should NEVER mess with him.

The woman literally trying to steal a vote out of his pocket is 陳玉珍 of the KMT party. He’s trying to get her to stay away from his pocket. Maybe she was reaching for something else? hahahahaha…

Either way – Yo 陳玉珍 – for real? This is Freddy you’re messing with! Do you know what he’s done in his life to be able to get to this stage? Come on now. You should know better.

Freddy rules.

On with your day.

You think a little blood will stop this guy? Hell no.

Video of the brawl below:

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