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  1. Callum Rollo

    June 28, 2017 at 2:57 am

    It sounds like Brian Wilson waking up from a hell of a bender as you begin listening to The Kanonos ‘Play The Hits’. However, it is near-namesake Bryon Rudd providing the perfectly placed melodies on energy setting opener ‘Drunk Days’. From then on their stall is set out; it is a day out at the beach for intense garage rock. The childlike charm with which Rudd realises dead things are no fun in ‘I Killed a Fly’ makes the listener want to hold his hand for the rest of the record. Sweaty fingers begin to slip though as ‘We Gone Cycling’ suggests the guys are having the greatest summer of their lives and Nick Simon starts to show what he’s got on vocals. ‘Look me in the Eye’ begins to reveal the versatility of the duo before Simon picks up the guitar on the excellent ‘Pocketbook’ and ‘Chinese Tigers’. On the latter, the childlike daydreams are gone as Rudd’s drumming drives the enticing adolescent yelps at towards the end of the track. ‘One Bedroom’ has you bopping your skull for it’s entirety, while Rudd blows soft smoke rings at you in the chorus. Vulnerability is your designated nightcap as the final track as screams of ‘Where were you?//Where was I?’ ring out in your head long after the record is finished. This is a hell of a debut record, channelling sounds you didn’t know you’d missed. Get it NOW!

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