[VIDEO] Asian hardcore giants, Straight Answer from Indonesia, celebrate 20 years

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Our brothers in Indonesian hardcore band Straight Answer, whom we clearly love VERY VERY much, just celebrated their 20 year anniversary with an immensely passionate hometown show in Jakarta this past weekend (at Indonesia’s version of CBGB called Rossi Musik). Videos of the show are now finally coming up online…3 of them are streaming down below. The sound may not be great, the video may be a little blurry – but THIS is how fucking AWESOME the Indonesian hardcore scene is – PURE PASSION. Just watch and be blown away…this isn’t NYC or Philly – this is motherfucking Jakarta – right here in ASIA! Also, this isn’t Youth of Today or Gorilla Biscuits, this is a homegrown Indonesian hardcore band that the crowd is losing their minds to.

We quickly spoke to the vocalist of Straight Answer, Aca, to give us a few words…

So now that the show is over and the photos/videos are coming up online…how’re you feeling after what went down? Looked incredibly beautiful…
Yesterday someone asked me “Hey, before you started playing were you about to cry?” I said “Yes”. I had no idea someone could tell. When I looked out at the show and saw people from ALL OVER Indonesia who came to the show – either on a 4 hour flight or 18 hours of driving or sitting on a train, it was very emotional. We even had people fly down from Japan to be a part of this.

straight answer

So I just want to say…

Thank you to everyone! It’s been a great journey and you are the reason that Straight Answer is still alive today. The show proved that Straight Answer is unbroken and that there’s a strong connection between us.

You are us, and we are you.
Forever friends. Friends forever.

How many people do you think came?
I lost count of ticket sales…I think around 700.


HOLY FUCK! That’s awesome! I’m so happy for you man!
As I’m typing this man I’m holding back my tears…remembering everything from that night. It was so incredible.

It must feel good to do this for so long and to feel so appreciated.
We feel appreciated and rewarded. People at the show were telling me “Straight Answer is my life!” That’s the kinda thing that makes this band stronger. There were actually kids at the show who threatened us to NEVER break up. Hahahahaha…

After this, we just know the band will continue to grow stronger. We certainly feel blessed.

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So there you have it folks…enjoy all the videos below…here is an interview we did with Straight Answer last year:

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Straight Answer – legendary Indonesian hardcore band


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