USA/Taiwan Death Metal Band Ripped To Shreds Rip Us All To Shreds On New Full Length

This comment on the band’s Bandcamp says it all about this release:

I really needed grindy, shreddy, rip your face of death metal. This isn’t some caveman shit, This is some Tasmanian devil lightning to your face shit, and I needed this to get through being home for a month straight so far. If I can, I’m buying another shirt I don’t need. Thanks dudes

Ripped to Shreds is based out of the US but guitarist/vocalist Alex moonlights in TWO versions of the band – one in USA and another version of the band in Taiwan and thus FULLY constitutes as an Asian band (so we can featured them here hahaha)…

The man, the myth, the legend doesn’t falter one bit on this brand new slab of music that has gone up today. The craziest part – besides the HM-2 infused riff monster that this is, and the reverb-heavy vocals, and the guest musicians, and the face shredding solos, the epic album art, and, and, and…is that the band has already sold out all vinyl copies! WHAT?!


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