US Based Pinoy Hardcore Band AninoKo Announce Return To The Philippines Dates

San Francisco/Bay Area (USA) based all Pinoy hardcore band AninoKo has announced a couple of dates back home in the Philippines. Check out the dates and further details in the flyer below!

While you’re getting your STOKE on check out this killer review of AninoKo’s recent full-length Ugat in Maximum Rock N’ Roll:

“I’m just going to say that ANINOKO is the most important band in the Bay Area. Their shows are events: families, kids, activists, punks…their community is represented and their community is present at their shows, and that community is open, welcoming, and supportive. Their hardcore is full intensity, and they somehow managed to cram that energy into these tiny vinyl grooves so effectively that I get chills when I hear Jesse’s bass start “Buhay At Lupa” just like I do when they play live. A band made up of Filipino immigrants, singing in Tagalog and confronting issues that directly impact their community and the Filipino diaspora. They just do it a little faster than most activists. ANINOKO doesn’t just fill up space with their hardcore, they open up space for themselves and everyone around them to grow. These people are real, this music is real, and this music is fucking important.”

And further stoking the stoke – how this intense live-in-the-practice-studio multi-cam video the band released back in 2018! SO DOPE!

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