[UPDATED!] BBC World News Release NEW Clip On Malaysia’s Straight Edge Movement


The post earlier regarding Malaysia’s Straight Edge scene has been updated with following information:

Storyfrontier were tasked with 2 days filming of this gritty mini-doc into Kuala Lumpur’s Straight Edge movement for the BBC World News Channel with UK production company Making Waves providing the Pre and Post Production.

Solution: We follow our hero Khai Aziz capturing every day moments in his life as well as a full feature interview with him and small vox-pops and watching his band play. Background: Malaysia may be one of the world’s hardest hit countries when it comes to drugs. Owing to its proximity to the “Golden Triangle” of Burma, Laos and Thailand where much of the world’s heroin poppies are grown- drug abuse is prevalent amongst Malaysian youth. Khai Aziz is an award-winning Malaysian punk rock artist and the lead singer of the hard-core punk band Second Combat. After his own firsthand experience witnessing the devastating effects of drug abuse, Khai turned to the Straight Edge community, a subculture that abstains from alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs. He founded the Drug-Free Youth Association Malaysia. He now campaigns to take on the drug culture and educate at-risk youth throughout the country.”

Always inspiring to see little clip’s of lesser known hardcore/punk movements from outside the US, etc. For those of us out here in Asia – Kuala Lumpur is no way considered a “lesser known” hardcore punk scene…it’s fucking Kuala Lumpur man! The scene is huuuuge… Check out this great mini clip released by BBC World News on the straight edge movement of the Malaysian scene featuring our bud Ein of Second Combat. So amazing…

The full BBC write up can be seen here: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/entertainment-arts-50588788/inside-malaysia-s-straight-edge-punk-scene



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