Undergrind Productions [India] Release Short Video Documenting Their Scene

Check out Underground Productions out of India who released this cool little video documenting the scene that they’ve been working hard to support and nurture.

“We from local grind/death bands have been doing our own DIY grind/death/gore/punk gig called UNDERGRIND since 2006. We’re still going strong because we were able to find each other and support extreme music. Back in 2006 no one was interested in doing this, and actually, it hasn’t changed much even now. But we have hosted bands like Putrid Pile, Wormrot and Vader taking the fest globally.

We also want to thank the ever rotting support from the fans as well as other extreme bands from across the country who have supported and strengthened this fest over these 13 years.

We all are one big UNDERGRIND family!”

Keep supporting them at this link: https://www.facebook.com/Undergrind-Fest-102984639745134/

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