Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records from Indonesia release 3-way emo-screamo record for free

Tsefula:Tsefuelha Records

Woah! This is frickin’ awesome! Indonesian label Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records has released a 3 way split record with some incredible Indonesian emo-indie-rock-screamo bands that we’ve talked about (more like gushed over) on our site many times before. Check out the write up by the label about these specific bands, but the craziest part – the label has already made the whole split record a free download including music and artwork:

“Eleventwelfth, Aillis and Glare are of the new emo/post hardcore bands from Jakarta and Bandung. Twinkle emo and old school Screamo are genre that only a few bands embrace in Indonesia, yet somehow in 2016 we suddenly found these three talented bands came into our radar. Eleventwelfth was previously founded as a project of Rona Hartriant and Almas Makitsuna from Jakarta. They are eventually joined by Yogawerda Kessawa and Tirta Petir Saputra on guitar and bass playing music influenced by Snowing and This Town Need Guns. Aillis is a trio from Bandung, experimenting with twinkly sounds of emo with a bit of screaming touch, they just formed.  Akhyar Bagaskara , Fikri Suryatama and Haris Surya play music that is heavily influenced by Suis La Lune, Tiny Moving Parts, and A Great Big Pile Of Leaves. The last is Glare, that consists of Akbar Karunia Budi Raspati, Rafi Rahman and Mochammad Latif Prabowo. Glare plays a devastating high speed screamo influenced by Jeromes Dream, Mohinder, Ampere, Capacities and Pg.99. In this three way split, we want to display the sounds of the three as one fused raw energy that is so pure that it could wash away restlessness from every listener’s soul as well as commemoration for the Indonesian reformation event of 27 July 1996 where 5 students are shot dead after protesting the government for manipulating political environment in Indonesia.”

Go download this shit NOW: https://archive.org/download/TT00042EleventwelfthAillisGlare3waysplit/TT00042EleventwelfthAillisGlare3waysplit.zip

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