Trailer for Indian metal documentary up now! Can’t WAIT for the full doc!

Extreme Nation

Woah…2015 is nearly over but THIS is making me want 2016 to hurry the fuck up and get here already! A documentary about the Indian metal scene has just released a trailer that is worth you stopping whatever the fuck you’re doing right now to check out below. The trailer includes conversations about Pakistan and Bangladesh as well so it looks like it’s more a South Asian perspective on metal.

Here’s a brief explanation directly from the producers of this documentary:

“Extreme Nation chronicles one of the darkest, most explicit and mysterious forms of a subculture spawned over years of metal music in the Indian subcontinent – confronting a high-power, historic & exciting ride from the past to the present – that have been hitherto little known or largely unexplored.

Shot over a timespan of two years and filmed across various cities, towns and beyond borders, this feature length documentary delves deep into the lives of those who are die-hard beacons and irrepressible spirits of the subculture, unfolding an awe-inspiring anthology of the emergence of metal underground in the Indian subcontinent.”


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