TOUR REPORT: King Ly Chee China 2015 – Changhsa


So yesterday we did it again – we got to the train station in Guangzhou 30 minutes before our train was supposed to leave and realized again that we didn’t get our tickets. We had bought them but we hadn’t picked them up yet from the train station. For those of you outside of China – this is Ching Ming Festival time and every single person and their mother is going back home for this important festival SOOOO – the train stations are packed.

Long story short…we, being idiots, missed the train. We were then trying to figure out what we could do to get to Changsha on time for the show. We even contemplated flying there but that would’ve cost ever person in the band an extra 300USD! Hell now…we ain’t got that kind of money.

So we did what any law-abiding citizen of the world would do in this situation – we went straight to the black market. Hahahaha…there are ALWAYS scalpers around train stations trying to make a quick buck and we found one lady that could get us on the next train if we paid her an extra 200RMB (about 30 USD) each. We were like fuck it – this looks SKETCHY as shit – but we have a show to get to…so we paid her, raced off to get on the train and snuck on to a train…the catch was that we were going to board a train but with the wrong tickets and go sit in the hallways of the train…on the floor…with all our shit…for the 4 hour journey.

It didn’t matter…that’s what we were ready to do so we didn’t miss the show in Changsha…

Sitting on the floor turned out to be pretty good hahahahaha…all our bags make for a pretty good bed it turns out.

Anyway…it’s crazy how with a 3 hour journey you can be in a whole different world but STILL be in the same country.

Guangzhou was pretty hot…but Changsha as soon as we got off the train was freezing!

We got to the venue called 46 Livehouse somewhere that we’ve played a couple times before and is a bar owned by the AMAZING Chinese punk rock band called The Last Choice. A band called Monkey King opened for us and is a band that played with us around 5 years ago – dudes were just kids then, they’re all grown up now! If you like your metal all core and death – this is your jam!

We booked this whole tour ourselves so it’s been really fun checking in on presale tickets, door tickets and of course the merch sales…this show didn’t have much presale and we had no idea how that was going to turn out – but dude! Almost 200 people showed up for us!!! So rad…

Thank you Changsha!!!

Next stop…we’re going to Kunming today – for the first time! Never played there but have been getting amazing messages from there for a LONG time asking to get our asses over..

We’re coming – TODAY!



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