Thrash Metal Band Charm Charm Chu Release Limited Edition Beer [Hong Kong]

Hong Kong thrash metal band Charm Charm Chu have collaborated with a Hong Kong brewery company HK Brewcraft to release their own beer. The beer will be available at the band’s upcoming show in Hong Kong.

“Inspired by the song “將進酒 bring in the wine” from their 1st EP “Majestic Brewing Order”, 慘啤 The miserable beer is a light caramel aroma and extra cocoa flavour stout (5% alcohol by volume). Brewed with caramel, cocoa, and many unknown ingredients, this beer is tasty and chocolatey that form a perfect pair with any burgers and fries.

慘啤 The miserable beer will be available in 330ml cans. The graphics on the can show the CharmCharmChu logo and the signature Piggy warlord (design by Hong Kong illustrator Yin Chan) holding their favourite instrument – cowbell to resonate with the beer name, 慘啤 The miserable beer.

This is a limited release and will only available on 2019.04.20 at Mom livehouse (one night only) and hk brewcraft store. There are no plan to ship worldwide at the moment.”

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