A few thoughts from Malaysia as seismic change takes place

What an immense election result took place in Malaysia just a few days ago! 60 years and finally a change?! That is more than good reason to celebrate, yet at the same time contemplate what is in store for the world of Malaysia in the future.

We asked a few of our pals down in Malaysia for their thoughts:

“We’ve finally made history. For years, we’ve been the victims of the consequences, ignorant politicians and hopefully it ends here today. Tomorrow, we’ll wake up in a new Malaysia, a better one. One thing for sure, DEMOCRACY is not dead! It felt like Malaysia had won the World Cup” – Ann, Merch Addiction 

“We are so proud of the the election results. Power to the People!” – Glord Records

“The long wait is over! After 20 years of struggle, the “reformasi” movement finally brought change to our nation. It’s a new beginning for Malaysia! The people are not afraid anymore, they know their rights and they know what’s best for the nation. I salute them for bringing this important change and I believe they will continue to hold the new government accountable for its action. I hope the new ruling party will fulfil what they’ve promised in their manifesto.And I also hope the new government will play a pivotal role in the development of local arts and music, in particular the independent music scene.” – Mak, founder of Soundscape Records

“The people of Malaysia have spoken! For over 60 years there’s been no regime change, now a new era has begun. I hope the newly formed government will be more accountable , transparent and people friendly. May we live in a peaceful & harmonious multicultural Malaysia. MERDEKA!” – Arwith, Utarid Distro/Second Combat

“I guess this is what Malaysian waiting for a justice for all and a new change. This is the new beginning, if the government corrupted again we the people are going to take it down.The power of the people are proven.” Khai Aziz, Second Combat/Drug Free Youth Malaysia

“This is massive. This truly shows the power we have as voters, political apathy is a disease, and this result proves that change starts within you. Having said that, we define a better country, not the people up top, I really hope people would start practicing empathy, eradicate the racism that has plagued this country for decades and just be kinder to one another. Here’s to a better nation, a better future!” Vinesh, Trophy Knives

“It’s very exciting! For the first time in history, after 60 years now we have a new government! Right now we are just hoping that everything goes over smoothly.” Kevin, Love Me Butch

“Things are still convoluted due to technicalities. I am also tired since I haven’t slept! But yes, a new chapter where hopefully there will be a seismic change in many areas plaguing the county forever. Best is the people have gotten rid of this massively arrogant, repressive, authoritarian kleptocracy albatross which have been in power for more than 60 years. An impossible defeat of a corrupted power that has been so deeply entrenched and virulently racist in their policies. The people have risen from their slumber and taken a chance, despite all the threats, and won.

Yet, as in any process, this is just a beginning. A better stepping point to further emancipate the people and the country. Power corrupts and corrupts absolutely. Vigilance – we have to ensure this victory is not lost to the very same institutional bullshit in the future. At the same time the worry should not rob us of having a bit of celebratory piss up and fun! All praise to those who have worked so hard for this forever.” Joe Kidd, Carburetor Dung

“Out of the pile of shit that is BN, and dive head first into the dirt? Well, let’s celebrate the downfall of a regime first, and at the same time, we’ll keep an eye on the new ones too. Whoever governs Malaysia, punks will always gonna be the opposition party!

Cuz as we sees it.. we’re STILL, fucked deep in shit.” Sharon Stoned

“The Malaysian GE14 is a historic time. We just saw a giant fall. But this is going to be the hardest working term, the opposition (now the ruling) getting their first chance to rule will have a big sit to fill and some big promises to fulfil. With one side being a kleptocracy government and the other showing signs of nepotism, the people won’t just sit and wait. What just happened, shows that the people is awake and informed. I have a bright and hopeful positive outlook for Malaysia, it’s an exciting new day.” Dean, Kids on the Move, Social Circuit


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