The Full Pledge Munkees (Singapore ska punk) announce KILLER 16 year anniversary show

The Full Pledge Munkees

Singapore’s premier ska-punk act The Full Pledge Munkees is about to celebrate the start of their 16th year in supreme style. They announced a couple days ago a stellar new show that they handpicked together and I asked them to send in a cool introduction to the show because as you can see from the lineup – they’ve got bands from all over Asia who are going to take part in a mini Asian ska-punk fest! DOPE!

The Full Pledge Munkees

Here you go:

“It’s been a long while since we have had a ska show here in Singapore…the last time being circa 2004.

So in celebration of our 16 years we wanna bring it back and picked the following bands:

Plague of Happiness

Being our long time friends we have always wanted them to be on one of our shows.

Youngster City Rockers

When we toured Indonesia recently these were the best tour buddies we could have ever asked for. We knew we had to call them in.

Lupa & The Superstars

As for Lupa and the Superstars, we’ve watched them a few times and they are a talented young ska band. Watching them brings us back to the 90’s.

Johny Comes Lately

Johny Comes Lately is another young band that has good potential. We’ve seen them grow from a small band to a full brass section behind them.

Both these 2 acts is a must have to bring the ska scene back to the surface. What we are trying to do is unite our Southeast Asian ska scene by uniting and supporting one another.

Besides the bands above, we are really pleased that the following two bands could come join our party:

Generation 69


These guys are known for their tight musicality. They were our first collective choice. We have been friends since the old days. We’ve seen each other grow and their passion, love and support for us as individuals and a band is undying. From wreckless to being fathers, we can’t wait for the storm to come down. The boisterous sound, one of a kind, Generation 69.

Now…this other band. I believe they deserve the recognition that they have been receiving. A very hardworking young band who have gone from underground shows to our television sets completing 2 tours this year (Indonesia & Korea), and have played altogether 7 shows with us. Yes, we counted it…7! We are happy to have them on board with us! They gave us the thumbs up while we were in the midst of all this planning, that is how much love they have for us…Iman’s League will be Anime Punk Rocking the event for us…”

Iman’s League

Show takes place:
January 23, 2016
Aliwal Arts Center

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