Thank You To Everyone’s Help While We Tried To Get The Site Reinstated On Facebook

Dear All,

Thank you so much for all your help these past few days! It’s been SO touching to see people from all over the world reach out or try to contact Facebook directly to get the website reinstated. I especially appreciate Indonesian hardcore band Outrage for putting together a bunch of step by step images on IG that taught everyone how to bring this issue up to Facebook. Thousands shared their post and no doubt helped immensely to get reinstated. It’s because of thousands of you contacting Facebook that I feel helped put this issue on the FB radar. THANK YOU. TERIMAKASIH! 多謝!감사합니다! ありがとうございました! Shukriyah! Selamat Po!

Outrage fucking rules…go support them:

For those who don’t know, starting this past Monday anyone that was sharing a link on Facebook would automatically have their post flagged as “spam”. I started getting that on Monday and quickly realized that ALL posts had been removed from the entire Facebook platform (including the cover photo on the Unite Asia Facebook page was taken down). I, along with many others who kept messaging me about it, of course, clicked “disagree with the decision” on any of these posts but apart from that, if your site has been blocked, I quickly learned, there is nothing else you can do.

Then with further messing around I, and many others again, figured it was actually the domain that was blocked. People couldn’t even type the URL into Facebook – it would be flagged.

More troubling was that each and every time the words “breached our community standards” came up but with no contact or communication with Facebook so I was never told what “community standards” I breached. doesn’t promote violence or hatred of any sort. In fact, we are anti-racist, anti-homophobic, pro-LGTBQ, pro-BLM, and certainly will always stand up for freedom of speech and expression. No matter how many times I wrote to Facebook to clarify all that, I had no way of getting any response.

Then I woke up today with my phone exploding because tons of friends were sending messages saying “Hey! Look! It works again!” And they showed me screenshots or tagged me on posts with the URL link meaning the site has been unblocked by the Facebook gods.

So I just want to thank everyone all over the world that united on behalf of this website to get it reinstated! I was floored by your response and how quickly so many of you took action! THANK YOU. I especially want to thank a special friend who went above and beyond what needed to be done. Thank you dude!

Of course, like many of you, I do want to know what it was that got it blocked in the first place. Online trolls? The legendary “Wumao” (50-centers)? My posts about Hong Kong? I have NO idea…hopefully someone will get back to me so we know what it was, and more specifically, where Facebook stands in terms of freedom of speech. Without knowing it’s probably just a matter of time for the site to be blocked again. Without knowing, it’s probably just a matter of time before ANYONE’s site gets blocked.

Anyway, thank you for reading…now time to put more Unite Asia posts up!

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