Thailand Based Duo Piman Sly Release Track Supporting LGBTQ Rights

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Piman Sly is a 2-piece rock duo based in Bangkok, Thailand. Their music has hints of metal, stoner rock, grunge, hard rock, and blues. Members are ‘Py’ (guitar/bass, vocal, lyrics) from Thailand; and ‘Iman’ (drums) from Indonesia. 3 years after founding the band, they have finally released their first single, ‘Family Portrait’, accompanied by a music video.

The song discusses psychosocial child maltreatment that stems from cultural pressures and societal expectations that many stereotypical ‘Asian’ children suffer from. Apart from the typical pressure imposed by parents like excelling in academia and career; marrying the right spouse and bearing grandchildren, a ‘normal’ gender or sexuality is very much an unwritten law, and any deviation from that is taboo. LGBTQ children are one of the most suppressed and abused, and the band wanted to empower them through one of their local LGBTQ heroes, ‘Pat’ Chanudom. Although Pat was fortunate to be raised by parents who understood her, supported her and gave her the freedom to be who she is, she agreed to lend us her talent and image to give a voice to those having to hide their true identities, ambitions or suffering from other forms of domestic abuse and suppression.

“Humans should not have discrimination. We should be compassionate towards each other as we all are striving for something. Presenting each other with love is the best moral support; because in the end, the heart holds the highest power – over body and gender.” – Pat Chanudom

The word ‘Piman’ came from mixing the members’ names – Py and Iman – together. The Thai idiom ‘Pi-man Sa-laai’ means ‘shattered heaven’ or ‘Paradise Lost’ that is usually used to describe a broken home, a dysfunctional family, or an unrealized dream – which aligns with what their music is about.

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