Photographer of Infamous Korean Hardcore Band Flush’s Show in Belgian Toilet Speaks

Hahahahaha…no joke…that headline was SO much fun to write! 🙂

Our good friends in South Korean straight edge hardcore band FLUSH ripped through Europe last summer. Of all the many poignant images from their tour that they shared – it was by FAR the show that they played inside a toilet that got us most intrigued. Come on dude…the band is called FLUSH and they played in a TOILET! How hilarious is that?!?!?

Today the photographer who captured that magical moment of a South Korean band…ermmm…relieving themselves? has actually released a full write up of that experience. The photographer’s name is Kevin Vankeirsbilck and the full write up can be read HERE.

Flush is (fingers crossed with all this Coronavirus stuff) heading back to Europe this summer:

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