Technical metal Filipino band Yesterday’s Hero release new song

Yesterday's Hero

Holy tech-metal from the Philippines – intro to this song should put any dreams of your “djent” band to rest hahahaha…they pretty much killed it for you with that intro. After that they bust into what seems like the Filipino version of August Burns Red. This is your jam if you’re a metalcore kid turn “djent” kid and like your metal heavy, melodic and technical.

Badass song by Yesterday’s Hero from the Philippines. Production is insane and then you read the fine print “Tower of Doom” and automatically say out loud – “no wonder”! Hahahaha…anything with the Tower of Doom stamp is guaranteed to be fucking awesome. However, under further inspection it turns out only the drums were recorded at Tower of Doom – the rest of the track was actually recorded at Campsite Recordings! Which means Filipino bands clearly have one more awesome option for their recording needs! 

They don’t state anywhere whether this is part of an upcoming release – could just be a one off song. I can easily tell that metalheads from around Asia are going to dying for more – so get on it Yesterday’s Hero!

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