Taiwanese experimental duo Scattered Purgatory release second album

scattered purgatory

Scattered Purgatory is an instrumental drone/ambient trio based in Taiwan, Taipei, with a black metal-like name derived from a Taoist ritual. On this album the drone music-makers delve deeper into their obsession with creating dark, ambient sounds, while adding new approaches to give spice to their intense, ritualistic music. In contrast to the magma-hot heaviness of the riffs on their previous record “Lost Ethnography of the Miscanthus Ocean”, “God of Silver Grass” coolly crystalizes into a whirl of icy synthesizer loops and improvisational guitar. On Track ??? – Pao-P’u-Tzu, you will be guided by reverb-stoned guitar and quiet piano notes on what feels like an eternal journey. ???? – Dim Moon injects Kosmische Musik inspired modular synths into a cover of Taiwanese 50’s pop song written by Wu Jin-huai/???. Dim Moon is imbued with a far-out pagan atmosphere, given weight by pure ritualistic chants. The final, title track, “God of Silver Grass” sees the band swell to a four-piece, with the addition of two guest musicians, to make music that is at once reminiscent of Taj Mahal Travelers and Sunn O))), A dark river of over 20 minutes of doomy chill-out music.


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