Stray From The Path’s Japanese tour back on for 2017 by way of new promoter

stray from the path

In a great turn of events after the disaster of Stray From The Path‘s previous Japanese promoter who left them high and dry, a new Japanese promoter – Realising Media – has rebooked the band and announced February 2017 as the timeframe for their Japanese tour. But that’s not even the cool part, the cool part is the owner Hayato Imanishi’s post on his personal page about why he decided to help the band out:

“So the story goes like this.

There was a Japanese promoter who booked a few bands this year without actually having money – and doing nothing about it. As a result, these bands had to cancel their Japan tour and the promoter did absolutely nothing to make up for it.

It got to stage where I felt it unacceptable as a promoter to just let them ruin the reputation of Japan as one of the best country to tour.

So here’s my first announcement. I’m inviting Stray From The Path to Japan after their Japan tour got cancelled.

I plan to give what they deserve from Japan, as a proud Japanese promoter.”

So please do us a favor everyone – get on Realising Media’s facebook page and click “like”! This is how we support our family when they show this much love and support for their own community.

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