Stray From The Path gets ripped off by Tohru of Caboose Records cancel Japan tour


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This just in…Stray From The Path has made a long announcement on their facebook page regarding canceling their upcoming Japan tour. Apparently they were ripped off by Tohru of Caboose Records who chose to ignore emails and pleas regarding the tour and the following Southeast Asian dates as well. Not only did he mess with Stray From The Path but apparently another band called Legion To Kill were also ready to start a tour but were left stranded AT THE AIRPORT in Japan! Goddamn…

This is one of the MAIN reasons that we started the “Promoter’s Databse” because of shit like this. We will certainly be taking Caboose off that list and you SHOULD be wary. Very wary. Especially when things seem to be too good to be true.

Read SFTP’s announcement here and then read Legion To Kill’s further below:

“Dear Japan.

We regret to inform our Japanese supporters that we are cancelling our Japan tour this August. As soon as we announced our tour, it was initially met with a great response from fans wanting to see SFTP in Japan, but also by many bands and people in the industry telling us that the promoter Tohru was not trustworthy and owed them great amounts of money. Tohru has been good to us in planning the tour, answering e-mails promptly. Then we booked a South East Asia tour after Japan, and needed him to book our plane tickets in order to confirm/announce that tour.

The SEA promoter also told us that they heard Tohru was not trust worthy and to be careful. We gave him a deadline that was plenty of time before the tour, that we needed the tickets booked or the tour would be cancelled. He said it would definitely be booked by the 1st….well the 1st came around, the SEA promoter cancelled because of him and he hasn’t answered e-mails and has still not reached out weeks after, hoping that he would come around and honor his agreement.

I think it should be known that this person is ripping off multiple bands and cheating fans out of seeing bands.

Coming to Japan has been a goal of Stray From The Path for years, and not only was that spoiled by this promoter, but we also now have an entire month off of not working. We are making sure that coming to Japan is a priority and we will try to as soon as possible with a more reputable promoter.

– With love, Tom, Drew, Neck and Craig.”

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Here’s Legion To Kill’s who are stranded at the airport:

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