Sri Lankan Metal Band Sacrement Release New Single To Combat Mental Illness

‘Ephialtes’ was officially released on the 8th of June 2019 by progressive metal band Sacrament hailing from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Their newest single is currently metal-ing out on their YouTube channel as a lyric video and is available for free download through their SoundCloud account. For those unable to get a hold of the song via SoundCloud, you can drop the band a message on their page and Sacrament will send it across.

‘Ephialtes’ is a song that reflects the band’s trajectory for their second album. The song aims to spread awareness on depression and other mental health issues and will be a concept that we will be focusing on in our second album. The second album is a work in progress while the band prepares to record their debut album.

Putting words into action, Sacrament partnered with ‘The Ohana Project‘, an organization founded with the intention of taking mental health awareness, education, training and capacity building to every corner of Sri Lanka, where no one gets left behind. The team behind ‘The Ohana Project’ is a multidisciplinary one, from diverse backgrounds like Psychology, Medicine, Public Health etc. The team is available to conduct workshops on mental health awareness, and training programmes for health professionals (doctors, nurses, counselors etc) on mental health and psycho-social issues. Workshops can be conducted in English, Sinhala and Tamil languages. The details for future collaborations are still a work in progress as the band moves forward.We believe that, in a world that has progressed to self-destruction, if someone in this country is educated on these matters which have long been viewed as taboo and plagued the lives of many; it would make a prodigious difference. If that would bring a modicum of hope, in the end a candle is averted from being snuffed out and it would outlast any battle.People in the world need it. No stick, stone or any futile monument will ever save a soul. It is just us and we are all we have.

Until then…

Rise, conquer and slaughter!

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