Sri Lankan Band Fallen Kids Release New Single “No Gods, No Politics, No Lies”

Check out Sri Lankan band Fallen Kids on their new single:

“…It focuses on the unspeakable disaster occurred on the 21st of April, where there were 6 bomb blasts killing 259 people and injuring more than 500. However, this song focuses on the awareness that this is more of a political power struggle rather than something done in the name of a religion. It’s all about the Chinese American power struggle, the innocent ones just got caught in the middle of it. Caused by the decisions of the ex president and his henchmen and the current jokers who run the country… I can’t march up to the parliament and make a difference on my own. But I feel like all I have here to turn to is wannabe Facebook heroes…so a song will have to do…” says the vocalist Tso Roshan.

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