When Songs Hit You In All The Right Ways – Melodic Hardcore Band False Plaintiff Surprise Song

A beautiful surprise dropped in our inbox yesterday but when we looked at which band released a new track, we knew we had to hold off on listening to it right away. There are some bands whose vocal and musical emotionality are captured so well through song, and because we were in the midst of a pretty manic Sunday yesterday, we wanted to make sure we were in the correct headspace to fully allow ourselves to be immersed in the music.

This morning – on a cold, wet day here in Hong Kong – Singaporean melodic hardcore band False Plaintiff‘s first new material in over 5 years is hitting us in all the right ways. As we’re typing this, the main refrain…

To capture now, the change foreseen
Reversing paths, to evergreen
A change of pace could soon reveal
Familiar faces, once concealed

…is repeating over and over as it fades away leaving us alone with nothing but our thoughts. The song was supposed to be released later but a technical issue means we get to spend our entire day today with this song earlier than expected. And we’re all the better for it.

5 years is a long-ass time to wait to hear a new False Plaintiff track. “It’s been a hectic ride! Looking back, “Hive Mind” was out some 5 years ago in 2017. Since then, we actually had 4 new tracks down for a release that we were planning to put out in 2020. However, the pandemic struck and we figured it was going to hang around for quite a bit so we thought it’d be ideal to write a couple more songs to add to the 4 we already had! “Evergreen” is among the new ones that we’ve banged out,” says vocalist Brandon.

If this is the direction that all the new tracks were headed, damn, we can’t wait to hear the rest! “The plan was to have all these songs out in 2021 but the pandemic worsened so we thought we’d just sit back for a bit and see how the situation panned out before we decided on our next move. Fast forward to the present day, travel restrictions and COVID-19 curbs are easing so we thought we’d strike while the iron was hot! Besides, keeping these tracks hush-hush for the past 2 years has been driving us crazy! We’re really stoked to be able to share this with everyone now!”

So will the rest of the songs actually see the light of day this year? “A full release of the 6 tracks have been in the works! We’re very fortunate to be able to work with Cold Press Records (SG) and the team of amazing labels they’ve partnered with to push this out very soon! Other priorities on the agenda include being stoked to be playing shows at home and abroad again!”

Give me a reason to do away with the wistful visions
And find a way out of this horrid mental prison

Maybe the rest of 2022 can be a little more bearable…with bands like False Plaintiff by our side.


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