So it begins…Bersih protests in Malaysia and the government loses its mind

Rumah Api

Malaysia has been bracing itself all week for weekend long protests against the current inept and corrupt government. People are wearing yellow and hitting the streets to scream for a better Malaysia – as they all deserve. What does the government do when it gets openly challenged for being a government of garbage? Clamp down on any and all form of dissent. Even if it is just a bunch of harmless kids going to watch a punk rock show.

Last night one of Malaysia’s most famous venues Rumah Api was raided by the police and people were taken to jail. As of right now there doesn’t seem to be any charges laid against the ones that were taken away, but the venue is padlocked and even equipment has been confiscated.

This is an insane occurrence of events and shows just how the government distrusts its own people – a bunch of kids going to a music show were detained. That’s crazy.

Please show your support or at least keep the Malaysian people in your hearts and minds over the weekend. There is bound to be more crazy shit happening…if the government think it’s okay to detain a bunch of music-loving kids, they are capable of doing anything.

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