Singaporean hardcore band Straight Forward throw up full set video from Australian tour

Straight Forward

Ever hate a band so much simply because every fucking song that they write is incredible? No? Maybe it’s just me being a jealous little prick? Hahahaha…fine – fuck off.

Straight Forward is an unbelievable hardcore band from Singapore whose most recent release True Nature of the Vice has some of the hardest hitting Asian hardcore I’ve heard in years. Check out the full stream of that record further below and get ready to have it on repeat for the next week.

If the old songs in this LIVE video don’t get my heart pumping, these assholes actually launch into a couple brand new songs that are SOOOOOOO sick! I can’t wait to hear these songs recorded! Word has it that they’ll be putting out a brand new EP (just make it a full length fuckers) by year’s end. Though the crowd in this video is dead. I repeat D.E.A.D…the recording captured is pretty amazing. You can hear all the riffs clearly and Kurt’s vocals cut through as well. Playing shows like this is a pretty normal occurrence especially when you’re first on tour in places like the US, Europe or Australia who have American bands travel through ALL the time for decades upon decades and so the local audiences have seen it all and are pretty jaded. SOOOO – don’t lose hope Straight Forward or anyone else. Keep at it. We need more young dudes/dudettes hitting the road spreading the word about Asia.

Check out the video below…get into these guys if you haven’t heard them. One of my current favorite Asian hardcore bands hands down.

I need to go burn all my guitars because as a 39 year old who has been writing music for at least 20 years, I can’t write a single song as good as these fuckers.

Thanks guys.

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