Singaporean emo band Tapestry release music video (FFO: Mineral)


Singaporean emo band Tapestry has released a new music video for the song ten. I love the fact that I finally can put a band on this website that can fully be called an “emo” band instead of the more vague “post-rock”. To me, at least in this song, they wear the 90’s emo sound loud and proud – Mineral is all over this song…

Great great song…

Here’s a blurb about the song directly from the band:

“this song never made it to any proper Tapestry release. It was made specially for My Endless Minutes Compilation. It’s Joel Olbrechts favourite song when he sessioned for us during our us during our U.K tour alongside his band Cøllege exactly a year ago.

This video goes out to every one we’ve met in our travels. thank you for giving us food and a place to stay. You will always have a special place in our hearts. credits to jein for editting this video. cliff, izuan and liyana for their live footages. and last but not least Hazwan’s video camera that accompanied us in the cold of last year’s winter.”

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