Singapore – you’re KILLING me – a band with 17 year olds that slay? Come on!


Yeah…that’s it…I throw in the towel…I just got sent yet ANOTHER killer band from Singapore…seriously, I need to just chuck my guitar out the window and call my dad to tell him that he was right, I really should’ve given up on music long ago and focused on my business degree way back when. Hahahahaha…fellow South Asians – you feelin’ me?

Here’s a 4-piece pop-punk band called Seasight from Singapore. They list the following bands as influences: No Trigger, Movielife, Title Fight, Trophy Eyes…all amazing bands and definitely grabbed my attention. But, what REALLY got me intrigued was when they said that the band was made up of 17 to 20 year olds…WOAH! This I HAD to hear.

Then I pressed play…looked at my wife and had the following conversation:

Me: “What the HELL is going on in Singapore???”
Wife: “What do you mean?”
Me: “Why does every band that sends me music from Singapore KICK SO MUCH ASS?”

One MORE band bringing immense pride to that beautiful country, and just think about how much stronger this band is going to be after some mileage – I mean come on, these dudes are only 17 and are already writing music like this!

Check it out below and throw 4 bucks down on their bandcamp to support them. They’ve stated that they’re currently working on a new recording that will be a split record to be released later this year. I can’t WAIT to hear it…

Enjoy their 4 song EP below!

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