Singapore sludge metal band HRVST release fullset live video

Singapore sludge metal band HRVST release fullset live video. The band brings their A game to the stage each and every time. If you’re wondering why it’s so dark on stage – it’s cause the band handles their own lighting with the tube lights they bring out. SICK! The band has announced that they will be releasing a split 7″ with Hong Kong metallic hardcore band Dagger soon that will feature 2 brand new songs. Everyone should look forward to hearing HRVST’s new tracks – they’re moody, heavy, atmospheric, and everything in between. Just what we expect from a band who is out their breaking all molds. Even in this live video there aren’t even any vocals for the first almost 7 minutes of their set! They’re firmly in control and not letting any expectations of what a heavy band is supposed to sound like dictate what they want to do or sound like.

HRVST rules.

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