Singapore Melodic Death Metal Band Assault Announce New Album

ASSAULT is proud to announce the title and track-listing of our second album entitled “MDCCLXXVI”. The band will be commencing recording starting next month at Aeonix Productions, the album is slated for an early 2020 release.

MDCCLXXVI is based on the roman numerals of the year (1776). Vocalist/Band Manager, Clarence commented “The whole album revolves around the concept of the Bavarian Illuminati era – an complex and short history of the Bavarian Illuminati which was found in 1 May 1776 and ended on 1788 by Adam Weishaupt. We hope to transpire our listener with our interpretations of the Bavarian Illuminati on this album, in terms of songwriting this is another step forward for us as a band, as we are continuously trying to push our musical boundaries beyond our comfort zone”

The album will also feature a guest appearance by Mr.Andy Gillion of Mors Principium Est on the track “1788”.

Official Tracklist of MDCCLXXVI (Not in order)

Age of Enlightenment
Sign of Providence
Orders of the Bavarian
Oration of Lies
The Awakening

ASSAULT upcoming show for 2019 –
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