Singapore label Lithe Paralogue release post-rock split album

Lithe Paralogue

This has been seriously a good morning on the Asian music front…

Singapore, if you have been keeping up with our news posts for the past few months, is in some sort of INSANE resurgence this past year or so…resurgence in the form that Singapore bands are exploding everywhere – and not only are they forming everywhere, everything they create is on par with anything being released internationally. With a huge explosion of bands, it is only natural that other elements of the music world would also begin growing/forming – such as show promoters, labels, booking agents, etc…

This label from Singapore Lithe Paralogue is releasing the heavily Title-Fight inspired Singaporean band Forests’ 3 song demo, and are releasing a super interesting post-rock split EP between a Japanese band called Qu and a Singaporean band called sub:shaman. You can check out the teaser for the EP below and Qu’s song from the release as well.

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