Singapore hardcore say goodbye to insane band – Straight Forward – photos and video up


Last night we had the unbelievable privilege of being present to witness the emotions and passion exuded by the Singapore hardcore community as they came out in droves to say goodbye to, one of our favorite Asian hardcore bands for the past few years, Straight Forward. Even though we were present to witness everything that transpired throughout the night for the ultimate build up of when the band finally took the stage and for the last time…words simply can’t express how strong the emotions were in that room when the band ripped right through what they would collectively be playing for the last time ever.

We can’t find the words…but lucky enough for you an exceptional photographer Bryner Tan was present. He magically captured the emotions that were flying left, right and center throughout the set…check out his photos at the link below…trust us – you’re going to want to go through each and every expertly captured shot…also, rumor has it that he’ll be taking photos at the upcoming Dangerous Fest show taking place in Singapore on January 6th! More info about that upcoming show here:


When we asked Bryner for his thoughts about last night, he sent in the following quote:

“It was an honour to be able to shoot the last ever Straight Forward gig. It was like a reunion for people that used to go to hardcore shows. Watching them singing along to the songs gave me goosebumps.

RIP Straight Forward”

It made us wonder what other people were saying and we grabbed some thoughts from twitter here:

Here’s the first batch of videos we were able to find…word on the street is there were a bunch of cameras positioned to capture a multi-cam edit of the show. If so – CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY. If not, at least for the hundreds present last night, we can only imagine that it will be a night forever remembered…it will also, most importantly, hopefully further fuel the passion Singapore hardcore kids have for their bands, their scene and their community. There are so many great bands that are coming out of this country and coupled with a community that fully supports homegrown hardcore bands, the Lion City Hardcore scene can only continue to get stronger.

RIP Straight Forward.

More power to Fuel, Fuse, Losing End, Recover, State of Pain, Hollow Threat, HRVST, Obstacle Upsurge, Guilty Mind, Plague Bearer, Radigals, Overthrown, Zodd…the list of Singapore hardcore bands goes on and on and on…but also more power to all the promoters, all the distros, all the stores, all the labels, all the photographers, all the graphic designers, all the bloggers, all the zine-makers, everyone that tweets/instagrams/facebooks/social medias about their local scene…all these people are what makes Singapore hardcore what it is. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!