Singapore black metal band Ilemauzar gear up to release debut album


Luckily we have quite a bunch of friends within Singapore’s many different worlds of music…one of them was getting stoked on the release of an album by a Singapore black metal band called Ilemauzar. We had to find out more about the band especially if people were getting this excited…

Turns out – the band has been around in Singapore since 1996 (having disbanded within that time for about 13 years) and this is their DEBUT album! Interesting! Here’s the band’s bio from their facebook page:

“Ilemauzar started in 1996 as a black metal band and played extensively in the underground gigs in Singapore and Malaysia. A demo titled, Pit of Despair was recorded in 1997 with 3 tracks strongly influenced from the Greek style of metal in the vein of Rotting Christ and Varathron. The 1998 demo release scored a full length record deal with then kvlt label, Dark Artz Releases (Singapore).

A full length was recorded in 1999 titled, Ancestral Shadows, but was never released due to the closure of the recording studio.

The band split in 2000 and went on hiatus for 13 years. Upon reforming the band, Ilemauzar was offered a slot for Rock in Solo 2013 New World Propaganda on November 3, 2013. At that time, Maelstrom from Australia also filled in the duty as Ilemauzar’s drummer and has been with the band since then.

Ilemauzar is currently signed to Sepsis Records in Indonesia and looking forward to performing in other parts of Asia in the upcoming Asia tour.”

The band has already announced information about their album entitled The Ascension release show which can be found at this link and in the flyer below:


Until they give you a taste of their debut album…here is a song that you can check out from an older release!

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