Singapore Based Powerviolence Act Garapel Release Fullset Live Video

Garapal (shameless, gross in Tagalog) is the name of a new band coming out from Singapore with members from bands such as Hello Bastards (UK), Disgraceful (UK), Stab (UK), Reyerta (Singapore) among many others. The band members are themselves foreigners in Singapore; a Spanish drummer, Pinoy bass player, Pinoy guitar player and a British/Argentinean singer.

With a handful of rehearsals and 8 songs, the band has already played twice in Singapore in the last couple of weeks and are planning to record their first demo in April.

Garapal plays a mixture of power violence/Fastcore with some d-beat thrown into the mix and with overtly political lyrics since the band believes that there is no way to split a strong political identity from being a punk.

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