Sick of it All announce East Coast 30 year anniversary dates and bring out King Ly Chee!


H.O.L.Y. F.U.C.K!!!

The almighty Sick of it All are spending their year traversing the world celebrating 30 years STRAIGHT of their band. They are currently rolling across Europe playing sold out shows to massive, passionate crowds who have been supporting the band for decades!

Of course those in the US, where the band got it’s start back in 1986, have been waiting patiently for Sick of it All to announce East Coast dates in their hometown and surrounding areas…the wait is now over!

Sick of it All has announced the East Coast dates for their 30 year anniversary shows with a STACKED bill. Besides the legends themselves, they’ve added the amazing Street Dogs! The NYC date has Murphy’s Law as well! But if you look at the flyer – guess who else they’ve added? Yes, they’ve got a band from out here in Asia on the bill! They’ve invited King Ly Chee to come out and play all 4 of these dates! This will be King Ly Chee’s first time in the US in their 17 year career and there could NOT be any better way for King Ly Chee’s debut US shows to be opening Sick of it All’s 30 year anniversary shows!

King Ly Chee had this to say:

“This is insane…we have been pushing Sick of it All since the get go of our own existence when we first introduced hardcore to the wider world of Hong Kong/China in 1999. Sick of it All to us has always epitomized the essence of hardcore – hard, fast and punchy music, socially conscious lyrical content, PERSISTENCE, and a strong work ethic, and so we have always proudly waved the SOIA flag here in Asia. In 2013 we had the immense honor of putting on their first show in Hong Kong (after which we could add hilarious, crazy, nutjobs to that list of superlatives! haha) Fast forward to 2015 and they got us out opening their Asian tour. BUT THIS?! WHAT!?!? Man…never in our wildest dreams. We never thought we’d EVER get to the US! And for the band to bring us out to the US to be Sick of it All is unbelievable…

I’ve never believed in hardcore more than right fucking NOW!

Thank you to Lou, Armand, Pete, and Craig for continuing to create music, touring the world and keeping the name “Sick of it All” alive and STRONG 30 years down the road! Thank you so much for giving back to the worldwide hardcore community by always keeping your ears to the ground with what’s going on in hardcore scenes beyond American borders.

Thank you for bringing us out!

USA – we’re coming this summer!”

King Ly Chee has made a bunch of their songs available for free download here:

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