Sick…HIMSA Fullset Live Video From Their Show in Bangkok From Back in 2000 Up Now

This is insane for it to be uncovered and brought back to the world…back in 2000 a bunch of crazy dudes from the US who traveled under the moniker HIMSA embarked on what is probably still considered one of the most insane Asian tours ever. Today BLAST Magazine out of Bangkok has put up this crazy gem for all of us who may have been around when the band trekked tired out of their minds across our fine continent.

Here’s Himsa and a glimpse into Bangkok’s hardcore scene from back in 2000.

There was also an interview from back THEN that our old buddy Chris of Bangkok hardcore fanzine ARISE ran with the band. You can check out the whole AWESOME AF interview here:

Not only that, but here’s an entire PHOTO album of photos that the vocalist of the band at the time Chris took of that trip:

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