Shoegaze Band Soy Release Hilarious Music Video [Thailand]

Shoegaze band SOY has released a hilarious music video for the song ‘Undertow’. Soy didn’t include much information about the song but apparently it’s off their upcoming album. Luckily, through the beauty of Google, we found this cool write up by a FB page called The Inner Breakdown:

“Hipster screamo shoegaze dream-pop act SOY from Loey release another one of their singles ‘undertow’ from their upcoming album. From their previous three releases, undertow seems to be the most safest of them all, trading in their fuzzed guitars and screams for a more dreampop synth based song that resemble most of current Thai bands. The embellishments of the synth tone works well in this case, making Sol’s singing shine through the catchy hook like stardust.”

It’s true that there are quite a HUGE number of Thai shoegaze bands – here’s a simple search on our site that gets you to a MASSIVE collection of bands from Thailand (HERE) – however, we’d argue that there is much worse music out there to have a billion bands copying and pasting. Ever heard of progressive metalcore? Literally, every single band on the planet apparently uses the exact same plugins of their copy and paste guitar riffs so they ALL SOUND THE SAME.


Shoegaze = Good.

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