Screamo Band Terderitha Release New EP Dedicated To Friends And Family [Malaysia]

Melaka based screamo band Terderitha have released a brand new EP entitled Seperti Asal-Nya. 7 tracks of dissonant chords, throat shattering vocals, schizophrenic drum patterns, emotional implosions song after song…we don’t know if there’s any sound out there that matches the current climate of our imploding world.

The band was formed in 2017 and this is their second EP. The band states:

“This 2nd EP dedicated to all our friends who have never compromised supported our musical journey thru out the year. By deploying new drummer Zulfaqar to fill the void of Amierul who has switched to noise guitar production.”

All the tracks were recorded at one of our favorite Malaysia studios –¬†ISeek Studio – and the EP has been released on cassette format.

Get in touch with the band to grab a copy:

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