Screamo Band Massa Nera Announce Asian Tourdates with Bethari/Mortar in Tow

New Jersey based screamo band Massa Nera have announced some killer Asian tourdates.

The band released the following statement – it’s so cool to see a US band have this much humility and actually mention Asian bands including their links. Usually when US bands announce tours they don’t make ANY mention of what local acts their touring with much less putting up their music for the world to hear. Nice Massa Nera! Thank you!

“Can’t believe this is actually happening, but here it is: We will be touring Southeast Asia and Japan this Spring! There are too many people to thank for this (Sleeping Boy Collective, Kou, Anvea, Tomo and Zara, Kimi, Arwith, everyone in Bethari and Mortar, etc.). Looking forward to seeing a lot of amazing people and places, making new friends (and finally meeting old ones!), and hopefully avoiding the chaos that seems to follow us around.

NOTE: We will be playing the first three SEA dates with Mortar! What’s more, we will be playing ALL of the SEA dates (sans the Indonesia date) with Bethari!!! We couldn’t be more excited. Both Mortar and Bethari make passionate, exciting, and interesting screamo music. We’re lucky that they both agreed to play with us.



Thanks to Anandhika Primawan for designing this beautiful poster.”

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