Scholomance Webzine Release Massive 26 Track Contemporary Chinese Heavy Music Comp

Dead Emperor (逝帝), a new Scholomance‘s compilation, spotlights China’s cultural side. You will find there some of its heritage, its traditions, but also its current state, its modernity, its diaspora, in short: its diversity. We chose not to focus only on Chinese-sounding bands, who would only rely on its recognizable folkloric heritage. The idea here is to let you discover all that comes from China, or even relates to China, including works demonstrating metal music’s most globalized aspects. It is hard to talk about a Chinese “scene”, of course because of its territory’s vastness, but also because of the variety of genres we can find there. From shoegaze to the most epic heavy metal, buddhist or satanist black metal depending on the prevailing mood, without forgetting more post-black approaches, we hope you will enjoy losing yourself in Chinese metal’s meanders as much as we did. We did not hesitate over crossing and even ignoring political borders in order to offer you this selection, which of course includes artists from Hong-Kong and Taïwan, and a track by Ripped to Shreds as well, that is to say by an American project founded by a descendant of an immigrant Taiwanese family, who plays on stage with a Taiwanese line-up.

It is with great pride that we share this compilation today. We warmheartedly thank every band who accepted to be part of it, but also illustrator Mei Maro (冥麿), a Japanese artist fond of metal music himself, whose grotesque approach – under its most literal sense – comes with an intransigeance close enough to the one we enjoyed in the selected musical projects for us to pay no heed to borders once more.

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