Round Up Of Self-Quarantined Hong Kong Musicians Making The Most Of It

It’s been so interesting to hear from people around the world who keep asking how we’re doing in Hong Kong. Unlike most places in the West, Hong Kong has been practicing social-distancing, wearing masks, staying home, self-quarantining since January. That was also the last time our kids went to school. They’ve been stuck in-home learning situations ever since with no idea when schools will open back up.

Likewise, as is the case with many venues around the world struggling to survive (and the entertainment/F&B/travel industry as a whole), our venues have also had to cancel shows or come up with more ingenious ways to make the most of the situation we’re in. One awesome Hong Kong venue The Aftermath has even started up a weekly streaming show – every Friday. Go subscribe to their page HERE so you don’t miss out on these awesome fullsets!

Our bands have been holed up but that doesn’t mean they’re not keeping themselves busy! It could possibly be because Hong Kong bands are pretty used to not having opportunities to play out often to begin with, and thus this “self-isolation” thing is what they’re already used to! hahahaha…but below, check out ALL the amazing videos of Hong Kong bands and band members doing what they do regardless of the health and political situation. Be making playthrough videos to covers to fullset live streams to continuing to release new music, people here are keeping themselves busy.

Good luck to everyone around the world trying to stay safe and healthy.

光復香港 | 時代革命

Parallel Horizons

Both guitarists of Hong Kong progressive metalcore powerhouse band Parallel Horizons have dropped playthrough videos for their recently released track Refractions. Their drummer was actually stuck in the Philippines and ALSO happened to released a playthrough video. Check out all the playthroughs below and then the actual track.


Our buddy Howard here plays for insanely talented prog-metal band Synergy and just released this KILLER Pantera drum playthrough video.

Ni Liu

Ni Liu is one of the biggest bands in Hong Kong. Their vocalist Kit is one gifted motherfucker. The way he can maneuver from falsetto singing to his regular tone and then into different variations of screaming all within one phrasing is awe-inspiring. The dude is nuts on the mic! Likewise, their drummer Sann Cheung is a machine on the drums! Check out this playthrough for their most recent track – the original track is streaming further below.

Make It Last

Parallel Horizons guitarist Jerome is just someone that loves music – check him out in his other band Make It Last who just released this cover.

Amulets [Macau]

Macau is a different city but is basically our brother city – just a quick ferry ride away. Check out Amulet‘s bassist in this playthrough video for their brand new single entitled Fell Into The Sea. The original song is also below.

Rain In Time

Yo…this is madness…the love this band, Rain In Time, gets much deserved. For their dedication to their music, to their band, to each other, and to the city of Hong Kong. The band just released this beautiful song and almost immediately a barrage of cover videos make their way online. Check out both a drum and saxophone cover below. Yeah – saxophone!!!!

Seasons For Change

What can we say about a band that should be much bigger than they are in Hong Kong. Seasons For Change recently hopped onto a series called Live@Home to stream a fullset…here’s the full video.

Two Finger Salute

Oi punk bastards – Two Finger Salute have been dropping new music pretty much all year and recently were featured at The Aftermath bar on their Friday night live streaming series.


Restate the Moira

The vocalist of Hong Kong Restate the Moira is this crazy talent vocalist Miki. She literally JUST released this cover video.

Streets of Rage

Hong Kong hardcore band Streets of Rage may be unfamiliar for now – they’re literally brand new – but this in-studio performance should be peeking your interest right about now!

John Travoltron

Hong Kong-based experimental musical madmen who go by the name John Travoltron are showing you just how crazy they can get.

Feel Of All

Fat Lung is the drummer of Hong Kong pop-punk band Feel of All. Though band is not as active as one would like, this dude has continued to keep his chops up…check out his new youtube channel with his first drum playthrough up. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!