RIP to the victims of the senseless violence in Paris. Rest in Power.

Rest in Power Paris

Rest in Power Paris.

To anyone that could even think that Allah would accept your harming of innocent lives who have nothing to do with the issues you face or the issues you have with governmental power and/or the injustices you’re avenging – you are a lost and brainwashed fool.

The only place for you or anyone else who harms even one strand of hair on an innocent person is hell.

And this is coming from a Muslim. Do not even think about calling yourself a Muslim or using the word “Allah” to justify your pathetically cold-blooded evilness.

Pure evil.

I mourn for those families who have lost loved ones…children who’ve lost parents…parents who’ve lost children…all at the hands of absolutely the biggest pieces of filth on this planet who roam around the world causing this devastation and bringing down an entire religion with it.

Remember that there are over a billion Muslims on this planet – the ones who carry out these evil acts do not represent me or the billion plus other Muslims all over the world. The only thing these terrorists represent is their evilness.

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