REVIEW: Seasons For Change | Timeless Collective EP (2016)

seasons for change

BAND: Seasons For Change (Hong Kong)
RELEASE: Timeless Collective EP (2016)
LABEL: Famined Records
REVIEWER: Unite Asia
Final Rating: 7/10

It’s hard not to get emotional when we, being based out of Hong Kong, hear a band from today’s generation of Hong Kong bands who are as active and determined as this collective of musicians called Seasons For Change. Hong Kong is not known for bands who really try to take their music and band beyond the shores of Hong Kong (the furthest that bands attempt to go are other Chinese speaking regions like China, Taiwan and MAYBE Malaysia). Hong Kong bands are more than happy being “successful” in Hong Kong yet remaining complete unknowns outside. Which is not a big deal, to each their own, unless it impacts the quality of the music that is being created. Without having any concern about making an impact worldwide, most are only surrounded and fixated on the standard of music that is being produced and written locally. Certainly very little in terms of that type of music is inspiring…

As the press release for this particular EP states…this band, and the music, is created mainly as a form of expression for vocalist and songwriter Kenta Mitsuhashi who is a recent transplant from Australia. He took his unfortunate circumstances that brought him here as fodder for the music and catalyst for this band. Being a well versed musician in his own right, there is a clear level of professionalism that comes out from this young individual. When he picks up the microphone LIVE, and on these tracks, his talent is undeniable.

So let’s get to the music…and we’ll try not to be too biased.

With the band only being around for a year or so, it is quite remarkable to find a set of songs written at this standard and quality. The 6 tracks on this EP harness the emotions of rock acts like Taking Back Sunday and Paramore and regionally, bands like Love Me ButchTypecast, Oh Chentaku, etc.

In this regards, Seasons For Change has their work cut out for them because these regional bands are tried and tested acts with a number of years behind them and a MASSIVE fanbase that keeps them moving forward creating hugely inspiring emotional rock. This is still a solid debut for a relatively new band in both Hong Kong and Asia. Giant melodies, stadium ready anthemic-rock tracks, vocalist that could sing the phonebook, etc. Our fingers are crossed that now the band has gotten a debut release out of the way, they sit down and collectively consider the way forward. What will take the band and launch them globally? Further depth in sound would certainly be an important consideration – what could they do to make themselves stand out in the world of alternative rock?

We at the site don’t just review the music of a release but also the artwork. Unfortunately, when we asked the label Famined Records out of USA to provide us with the artwork for the EP they just sent us the cover found above. What we wanted to see was the full layout of the release and lyrics. Apparently there will be a digital and physical release of this EP so I guess we’ll see the full layout then.

This band without doubt carries a lot of hope for bands out here in Hong Kong. We’re hoping with their more international sound that they will pave the way for more bands to be able to look abroad for support and inspiration. If you like what you hear below then go hit up the pre-order: is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!