REVIEW: Frack | Beyond Reality EP (2017)


BAND: Frack (Indonesia)
RELEASE: Beyond Reality EP (2017)
LABEL: Trueside Records
REVIEWER: Unite Asia
Final Rating: 100,000/10

screams of those who lose in life
spirit of the people who live to survive

Ladies and gentlemen please bow your heads to the newly minted crowned kings of the next generation of Indonesian hardcore –Frack. 

This band straight up came outta nowhere when they released their first track off this EP a few months ago. We were FLOORED with that debut track playing the motherfucker over and over for days eagerly awaiting the day we got to chomp all over the rest of the tracks.

Today, we get to do just that.

On this 6 track EP Frack explodes into the limelight of the already illustrious, powerful and hugely passionate Indonesian hardcore scene with decades of incredible music and bands. As if making sure they’re doing their fellow countrymen proud, there isn’t a moment fucking wasted on this EP. Frack makes sure that Indonesian hardcore flame that has been burning bright for many moons now continues to burn proudly. Right from the intro the tone is set for the rest of the tracks. As you’re glued listening amazed at the seamless way the band is able to weave in and out of various riffs and beats, you will no doubt wonder how long a band of this caliber has been around…10 years at least in various incarnations right? You ready for the real answer? 2015! A band that can write these jams with clear breadth of knowledge of all things hardcore punk has only been at it for 2 years!?!? GODDAMN! No wonder the boys behind Jakarta based record label Trueside Records were so quick to sign this act right out the starting gate. Rumor has it the label was all over the band after their FIRST show!


The first track where you get to hear the roar of the vocalist, Dendy Saputra, is Spreading Hate. The track, clocking in at 1:24, is a straight ripper! As the record carries on the band incorporates the best elements of 80’s hardcore punk especially paying homage to both the hugely influential NYHC and DC hardcore scenes. There are times when the vocalist sounds like he’s channeling his inner Ian Mackaye like on the track Beyond Reality, but then the music bounces right into a Youth of Today type of groove on the toms. Favorite track is Anxiety – the whole goddam minute that’s spent on this one track of explosive nervous energy is frickin’ beautiful.

Production-wise the band keeps shit real and crisp – bass tone is spectacular. Clarity is prominent with the awesome set of hands that were at the mixing desk (Andry Novaliano of grindcore band Terapi Urine), but the rawness in the vocalist’s delivery is really what seals the deal. The honesty, the humility, the passion are all captured so perfectly on this.

The next step is to get this band out on the road to support this stellar release with packed and explosive shows.

All y’all gotta do now is sit back and stream the whole damn thing below. The record can be picked up on cassette through Trueside Records: is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!