Punk Band An Honest Mistake Return With New Single ‘All Over Again’ [Malaysia]

‘My loneliness is killing me, and I…’, the ever so famous line from Britney Spears’ debut single in 1998 would have got you humming the tune. Fast forward to 2021, it has been almost 2 years since the pandemic hit. The whole world has been crippled while some have managed to get out of the hole, Malaysia is still struggling to get by. Nevertheless, there’s been a surge of creativity within artists in Malaysia, and pop punk band, An Honest Mistake too has kicked into high gear with music releases.

‘All Over Again’ is An Honest Mistake’s brand new single further solidifying a brand new sound, away from the previous happy pop punk energy they’re known for. This new sound started with #IDGAD in 2020 fusing electronic elements and trap beats. The band has gone a little darker moving away from bubblegum pop lyrical content as well; tackling issues that are closer to home especially in this tough period the world is going through.

While many are struggling with issues of mental health during lockdown, ‘All Over Again’ was inspired by Tomas, the lead guitarist’s experience of extreme loneliness seeing that he isn’t in a relationship. He laments and shares with lead singer, Darren, that if he could go back to the past to relive everything; he would and would do it differently. This was the spark that brought this song to life. The idea was built around thoughts of loneliness, regret and learning how to deal with it in the context of a relationship.

The band hopes that during this time, listeners will be able to reflect on their lives and to improve themselves to be better for their partners and for themselves; to grow and be better people. There’s no use living in the past and all we can do now is to be better. This song serves as a reminder of that.

With the aid of CENDANA’s quick funding program (CreateNow), the band was able to produce this along with a ‘Behind The Scenes/Studio Diary’ as well as a music video that will eventually be filmed and released. Due to the unending lockdown and restrictions, the music video, however, will be pushed back until further notice.


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