Propagandhi out there supporting Asian bands with action and not just words

Yo…this is sick and we couldn’t be happier that this popped up on our newsfeed! Legendary political punk band Propagandhi who have just released one of the best releases of their career (to be able to surpass a catalog FULL of bangers is fucking INSANE), the band just threw this photo up online. A keen observer quickly noticed that Todd’s wearing a Degaruda t-shirt! HOLY FUCK! If you don’t know this incredibly post-punk band from Thailand, who unfortunately called it quits recently, then you’ve been sleeping on one of the best bands out there…check out their music further below.

We are always psyched when people from all over the world are aware of our bands but more excited when they actually support the bands by rocking their gear and purchasing their music.

SO SICK! Go support Propagandhi with their new record. But don’t forget to continue to show your support of your fellow Asian bands! WE GOT MUTHAFUCKIN’ TALENT OUT HERE FOLKS!

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