Promoters of canceled Krisiun/Nervochaos show in Bangladesh calls out Metalsucks/Metal Injection

The promoters of the canceled Krisiun/Nervochaos show in Bangladesh has called out publications like Metal Injection and Metalsucks who earlier this week falsely reported that the above bands were “arrested” at the airport. As the statement reads below in immense detail, the bands were not arrested. They were detained.


On 8th of May 16:00, Special Branch police showed objection against the event Krisiun & Nervochaos Live at The Metal Morgue, Dhaka, Bangladesh which was supposed to take place on 9th of May at TCB Auditorium, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka. Event management Raptor Entertainment, Strategic Partner Elephant Communication, Event Partner ABC Radio FM 89.2, Radio Partner Radio Dhol, Hospitality Partner Hotel Orchard Suites and Ticketing Partner Ticket chai have been heavily working to ensure a successful event. Even though we had utmost cooperation from Ministry of Culture and paid appropriate Tax for international artists to National Board of Revenue, Security Branch didn’t let us know anything until 8th of May and gave us no explanation on why they had objection against the event. SB advised us to reapply for a new date. On 8th of May 5:00pm, we asked the Brazilian bands Krisiun and NervoChaos if they can give us a new date one week later or so. The bands were unavailable for renewing the schedule since everything was planned a month before, as the bands are already booked for more gigs on their Asian tour, flight tickets bought and visa permitted accordingly. Since the performance fees and flight tickets were already paid by us, on 8th May 18:25 the bands departed from Jakarta, Indonesia (where they played in Hammersonic Festival) and arrived at Kuala Lampur, Malaysia for transit at 21:30. From Malaysia (23:10) they arrived at Dhaka (Malaysian Airlines) on 9th May 01:05 as per the contract. While passing the immigration, the immigration security kept Krisiun and Nervochaos from proceeding. The immigration seized their passports and refused to let them enter Bangladesh as the event was already canceled. Since the bands already had their visas and accommodation provided by us until 10th May noon, the Home Ministry got involved to resolve the matter of letting Krisiun and NervoChaos enter Bangladesh. On 9th May 12:30 pm, the home ministry asked the airport immigration to let the bands through and permitted the bands to perform on the same date. By this time, Brazilian embassy also showed their support to resolve the problem. Since we already canceled the event on order of Special Branch police yesterday (8th May) and the bands were detained for almost 12 hours with no sleep, it was impossible to make the event happen, as Krisiun and Nervochaos sound check was supposed to take place at 12:00pm. By 14:30, we reached Radisson Blue Dhaka Water Garden hotel, where the bands would enjoy their stay. On 10th May 10:00am, the bands left the hotel for airport to catch their flights to Japan departing from Dhaka at 14:30. We are sorry to Krisiun and Nervochaos for the harassments at airport. Bangladeshi Metal heads are extremely saddened by the cancelation as they missed the opportunities to witness the mighty Brazilian Death Metal band Krisiun play Live in Bangladesh for the first time along with their countrymen Nervochaos. If the timing works out in the future, we will bring Krisiun and Nervochaos for a successful event in the future. All tickets bought by the audience will be refunded by 31st May 2017.

Finally, we are sorry to Krisiun and NervoChaos for all the harassment they faced. We apologize for the cancelation of the event. We are disappointed to see few international publications like Metal Injection and claiming hoax news of arrest of the band members on blasphemy laws. There has been no incidence of arrest under blasphemy incidendents or religious matters. The bands were detained until further clearance came from Home Ministry. We are against the harassment of international bands and artists coming to perform in Bangladesh. This sort of situation lowers the reputation of Bangladesh music scene in front of the whole music world.

We are sorry to the fans all over Bangladesh and to the people of neighboring countries who had traveled a long way to attend this gig. We are very much thankful to the fans and the metal heads of Bangladesh who have shown enormous support towards the performing acts Krisiun, NervoChaos, opening act Severe Dementia, Thrash, the event and Raptor. We expect a proper investigation on this whole matter. Raptor will not stop here, in fact we are motivated even more. With the support and help from the Government, we will make happen big international gigs with world class metal and rock bands in the coming future.

All tickets bought by the audience will be refunded by 31st May 2017.

Raptor Entertainment
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