Progressive Death Metal Band XenocrysT Release Track From Upcoming Album [Bangladesh]

Woah…check out this write-up by Bangladesh-based progressive death metal band XenocrysT. The band is about to release their debut album ‘Collateral Conspiracy’ and have just released the second track from the album entitled ‘Inauspicious’. The band’s explanation of this song may ruffle a few feathers – so get yourselves ready:

“New world order” is establishing the devil’s kingdom day by day. People fighting for their motherlands like Hamas have been introduced to the world as “terrorists” by these devils. This is propaganda and a hoax of evil, we call them “Inauspicious”.”

This is on the back of the band’s debut song ‘Palestine’ also off their upcoming full-length which you can check out further below. “The Israeli -Palestinian conflict is the ongoing struggle between Israelis and Palestinians that began in the 20th century amidst the greater Arab-Israeli conflict. This is how Palestinian’s biggest sorrow is described as conflict with Israel. The United Nations approved a plan to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab states in 1947, but the Arabs rejected it. In May 1948, Israel was officially declared an independent state and snatched a part of Palestine. And the war had begun.”

Dayum – it’s been a while since we’ve seen a band say it like it is.

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