PREMIERE: Singapore Melodic Hardcore Band Abattoir Blues Unleash Debut EP

PREMIERE | Abattoir Blues
Melodic Hardcore

In an age of hardcore bands keeping topics and lyrical content safe and easy to digest, all in order not to hurt their livelihood…and then suddenly a band comes out swinging their values and beliefs hard and proud, whether you agree with them or not, it’s not only a breath of fresh air – it reminds you what hardcore was always about in the first place.

Brand new Singapore based hardcore band Abattoir Blues have harnessed the sounds of the early 2000’s era of melodic hardcore bands such as Verse, Casey Jones, Comeback Kid, Killing the Dream, etc., and attached with those emotions incredibly moving socio-political numbers like Callous – a straight up anti-animal cruelty track with the following lyrics:

caged, raped, dead, straight to your plates
as the axe comes down on a mother’s head,
don’t tell me it’s quick and painless, don’t tell me that shit’s humane
who are we to say who has a right to live
who are we to say we have a right to kill
no being is cultivated or created for this purpose
of pain and suffering, your heart disease and obesity
to fill the pockets of these businessmen
modern day merchants of death of a fucked up industry
this is gluttony, a life of apathy
do you really think this is what we really need?
to keep us fed, to keep us well and healthy?
open your eyes, stop this killing
this is not a circle of life, this is not part of nature
genetically modified beings who deserve a birthright

The rest of the EP continues down the line of highly fast and emotional hardcore. The EP clearly shows the band can easily stand on its own merits, but the band is birthed out of notable Singapore bands: Mouthful of Air, Marijannah, The Caulfield Cult, and Bruised Willies.

Band member Nicholas Wong had this to say:

“I love recording new music and I didn’t manage to do that at all this year, so I decided to round up some strangers, write an EP in 2 days and head straight into the studio back in September. I grew up listening to fast, melodic hardcore punk from the mid 2000’s, bands on Bridge 9 Records and Rivalry Records. For some reason people don’t make music like that anymore, so thought it’ll be a nice throwback.”

Go blast this shit.
Go study those lyrics.
Go spread the word.

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