PREMIERE: Indian instrumental rock band Celestial Teapot debut full album

Celestial Teapot

Check it! Don’t know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods but out here in Hong Kong it’s grey and cold…the most ideal weather for more chill out music like the sounds created by this instrumental rock band Celestial Teapot from India.

The band has also provided this brief introduction to their debut album which they released today entitled One Big Sky.

Celestial Teapots

“One Big Sky is our debut album and something which will always be very close to us. It’s a blend of power and ambient, dreamy soundscapes. We believe in creating imagery with our music and let the listener build stories around it. If you love letting your emotions sway in the ambience around you, One Big Sky is definitely worth a try. We’ve also been very fortunate to work with Marjana Semkina from the supremely talented and beautiful Chamber/Progressive Rock duo called ‘Iamthemorning’ from St. Petersburg, Russia. She was kind and humble enough to lend her voice on a track called ‘Nacreous’ off the album. This is something we’ll always cherish.”

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