PREMIERE: Hardcore punk band Struggle Session [China] release new track

PREMIERE | Struggle Session (China)

Beijing based hardcore punk band Struggle Session are about to release a split 7″ with Korean hardcore punk lunatics Arryam.

China based label Genjing Records will be handling release duties and have stated the 7″‘s will be ready for Struggle Session shows in Korea to be held on May 5th & 6th.

Check out the track introduction, lyrics and the music itself below.

The inspiration for the track lyrically came from vocalist Oliver’s own experience going to shows in New Jersey and New York in the 2000’s:

“Fuck you, this is hardcore!” is my 2 cents on my local hardcore scene. I went to lots of shows in NJ/NY growing up where there were too many overly masculine jock type attitudes. This song is just plain satire towards that. Lots of really neat basements, homes, VFWs, and churches were closed off to the genre because of idiots. It got to a point where shows were being thrown at a pizza hut.. hahaha. Chaotic energies are great, but beating people up for a laugh with your friends…fuck that!”

Fuck You! This is Hardcore!

This is not a fight this is personal expression,
This is middle-class frustration
This is masculine aggression

Don’t fuck with my PMA

All ages DIY basement space…(shut down!)
All ages veteran hall benefit…(shut down!)

My steel toe boots speak for themselves,
Brotherhood is formed through blood
No shows for anyone only my crew (you’re a cunt!)

Fuck you this is hardcore!

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